Description of FACEREHAB

Coordinator: Instituto Pedro Nunes

Starting date: May 2021

Duration: 24 months

Total budget: € 821.812,50

Public contribution: € 681.906,25

Context/background of project

FACEREHAB aims to fulfill this need through a unique solution that integrates cognitive training, physical and social stimulation, and will allow patients to increase session hours and overcome restrictions imposed by the availability of care resources (i.e. human and physical infrastructures). The extension from the clinic set up to the home environment will create fewer burdens for caregivers (formal and informal), because the tools needed for training sessions will be at home and become more available.

Objectives of the project

FACEREHAB will develop a product that will provide solutions for cognitive training and extend it with physical stimulation for people at risk of developing cognitive impairment.

The potential longer term benefits

The trend for the upcoming years in terms of care and cure integration is characterized by shifting interventions to the home environment. FACEREHAB will develop an ICT-based solution for cognitive vitality training at home. The growth in the incidence of different neurodegenerative diseases that leads to cognitive impairment is a growing problem worldwide. However, current care systems lack resources to address the growing number of patients requiring intervention.


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